DTT Consulting Service Introduction

Since 2005, DTT’s experienced consultant team has established trust from a wide range of clients, from government agencies to banks and financial institutions, through a unique combination of the world’s leading knowledge and local understanding. Key clients, including Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), Ministry of Finance (MOF),  Da Nang City, Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), General Statistics Office (GSO), Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), have used and showed their trust in DTT’s consultancy services of Enterprise Architecture (EA), IT Management, Master Plan on HR and IT, IT solutions development, investment project management and advisory superintendence.

DTT’s competitive advantage is our deep understanding of the current status and requirements of clients. Our consultant team always adopts a systematic approach and project management frameworks to gain multi-perspective insights of a problem and remains goal-oriented. We thoroughly examine the potential impacts of a “change proposal” and the client’s capacity for changes. Instead of applying completely new knowledge to deliver a so-called “solution” in form of reports and documents, our consultants spend much time making fine adjustments to our solution by flexibly taking into account client’s current status and requirements. One of our advantages is the use of Vietnamese language; DTT’s consultant team does not have any communication difficulty in dealing with local businesses and organizations like the majority of foreign consultant firms.

Furthermore, what enables us to achieve the best results is that DTT is able to provide top-notch consultants wherever needed to build up the best team for clients’ each particular job through our unique model. In addition, the team always follows structured approach and rigid project management framework to perform services in the multidimensional, goal-driven manner. Since considering carefully the impact of “recommendations for change” in accordance with clients’ abilities to change, our consultant team always work and collaborate actively with our clients to learn about the processes of change and transfer knowledge and technology through series of workshops, training and working periods.

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