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DTT – The profession in software and IT system development

DTT has received a number of highly-regarded awards in Vietnam for excellent software enterprises (Sao Khue awards in 2006 – 2007). We had cooperated with many international clients and partners including Carnegie Mellon University, IBM, Microsoft, NEC, Juniper, Cisco, HP, Stratus, Red Hat, Amdocs, SeeBurger, Hyundai IT, and Oracle. Our software engineers around the world have directly worked at clients’ sites to provide professional software services like developing Best Buy CRM system in America, the Thales subway control system, and Amdocs products in India.

We are proud of providing high quality software development services thanks to our highly capable and devoted engineers and the utilization of Agile software process model and practical CMMI model foundation. DTT’s professional project implementation team always ensures quality, progress and technology transfer to clients in large and crucial projects.

DTT’s products include Management Information System (MIS), open source-based e-government solution (Korea EgovFrame), Amdocs CRM Client Management solution, EAI solution based on SeeBurger, Mobile Broadband Protect Solution of Cloudmark, Centralized data management solution for key clients (Commvault), Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC), administration solution for “enterprise applications – data – principles”, electronics and IT platform services, among others.

DTT’s local clients include governmental agencies such as Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information and Communication, other ministries and departments, local cities and provinces, as well as major corporations in a wide range of industries.

Software outsourcing service

DTT Software outsourcing services will help liberate client’s software technology team so that they could focus on their crucial business priorities. By rapidly linking our proved methodology to client development environment, the client’s “time to achieve efficiency” could be optimized and minimized. Our competent and experienced software technology team has profound understanding on contemporary development methodology as well as state-of-the-art tools and applications (including open source software), providing an effective extension for client’s R&D team.

  • Value-adding services of DTT
    • DTT application maintenance service team can easily collaborates with the client’s supporting and development team in an efficient way, which helps adjust the outsourcing/ software implementation according to client’s requirements.
    • DTT comprehensive audit services include software quality assurance, software audit, audit automation, product development lifecycle acceleration, and helping client in self-testing/balancing to ensure highest quality.
    • Website, e- commerce and portal development services: DTT competent and creative technical team can design, develop and implement succeeding projects of Website, e-commerce, information/service portal development, at the same time guarantee client’s total control.

Software development/implementation services

DTT service of software development/ implementation will give an effective solution for tedious and time-consuming tasks that are normally simple but costly to complete.

  • Data and Software Conversion Service – The increasing complication and cost for converting out-of-date applications and database to new version require efficient replacements for application and software conversion. DTT is an ideal partner who can minimize such precise and meticulous application and software conversion effort to be consistent with client development progress and environment.
  • Application Integration Service – Recent end-users surveys show that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Application Integration are considered as top IT priority of organizations. DTT technical proficiency and experiences provide an effective alternative, which will help liberate client’s core developers so that they could focus on their crucial business priorities.

Benefits for clients:

  • Adaptability- DTT customizes each project based on the needs of our clients, taking in to account the project scope, time frame, and business objectives. Our management plan of software outsourcing/ development/ implementation clearly show how our project team collaborates with client’s staff, how project progress meets the planned deadline while dealing with changeable and unpredictable business environment.
  • Scalability- Successful business relationships are gradually formed – from small to large scale, and develop once a solid foundation is established. DTT commits to remove barriers that make traditional software outsourcing/implementation complicated to meet every client’s requirements, however large or small.
  • Deliverability – Finally, the ability to deliver promised results characterizes the success of any software outsourcing/implementation relationship. DTT succeeded in implementing tens of software outsourcing/implementation projects for a number of leading international companies. Allow DTT to show you our proven ability to deliver benefits to your business today.

Experience and capability in the field of software and system development

DTT is a multi-award winning software business in Vietnam and have been serving a large number of clients worldwide, as well as developing partnerships with major international corporations. We follow CMMI model in its true sense and start with building team and individual’s capabilities. At DTT, we are proud of the quality software development services that we provide thanks to the team of capable and motivated engineers, the utilization of Agile software process model, and practical CMMI foundation.

a)     Software Service and Solution Implementation for Aerospace and Manufacturing

How can DTT meet the software demands of aerospace and manufacturing organizations/ enterprises? DTT helps equip aerospace/ airline companies with cost management capability and focus on their rapidly changing core processes by providing services of:

  • Quality Assurance and Software Development to effectively maintain and extend current applications for:
    • Producers: MRP, ERP, IT plan and application
    • Transportation: booking, performance management and IT applications
  •  Implementation and conversion to save costs for:
    • Manufacturing: Integrate with partnering supply chain, successfully integrate with acquired companies, and upgrade support.
    • Transportation: Consolidate new acquisitions, implement and manage global acquisition.


b)     E-Government Software Service and Solution Implementation

DTT has worked with farsighted governmental agencies to support currently implementing e-government initiatives. DTT approach supports governmental IT agencies and their external vendors with the following value adding services:

  • Software Development and Quality Assurance to efficiently maintain big and complex applications while ensuring user data security according to relevant regulations.
  • Website maintenance, development and designing. This is an important tool to provide services to citizens and users with a helpful user experience;
  • Implementation and Conversion to decrease costs for:
    • Application integration among central and local governmental systems;
    • Conversion of old information and data to new e-government foundation;
    • Large scale applications and system implementation.


c)     Software service and solution implementation for IT enterprises

DTT has successfully collaborated with globally prominent corporations in complex software management and providing a wide range of software services. From large-scale website development and management to maintenance of crucial financial applications, DTT is well-equipped to provide:

  • Quality assurance and application maintenance to help free client’s resources so that they can focus on their crucial business priorities;
  • Web development, maintenance and designing to speed up the time to deliver to the market in current fast paced market;
  • Data conversion services:
    • Consolidation due to merger and acquisition;
    • Key IT application upgrade;
    • Application integration with local and international clients.


d)     Service and solution implementation for telecommunication enterprises

DTT has proven experience in telecommunication market applications of leading service providers and provided a diverse range of software and services as follows:

  • Quality Assurance Service and Application Maintenance Service help liberate the client’s human resources so that they can focus on developing the core application system – Business Support System (BSS) and Operating Support System (OSS);
  • Mobile phone application support and development;
  • Data migration services:
    • Upgrade big application and conversion projects;
    • Database conversion in a prompt environment;
    • Integrate applications and transfer into service-oriented Architecture SOA.

Reference and

  • Software development and system integration staff

The success of any software project must depend on 2 factors: quality of human resources and proven standardized procedures. At DTT, we have both. Our experienced software engineers graduated from the leading universities and were trained under the leading software production philosophy of University of Carnegie Mellon, USA. We are committed to create a positive working environment and invest in modern facilities and infrastructure. Everyone in DTT Group share the success of the company, this promotes us to work harder and results in much less loss rate than our competitors.

DTT has also established strong alliances that allow the collaboration of technology experts in various fields, making the most of our human resources for priority projects. Thus, with the available software engineers, we can rescale according to our clients’ development needs. However big or complicated your project might be, DTT will be your reliable partner to assist you in change management and monitoring of your business requirement implementation.

We were recognized by leading technology corporations in the world, such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Cisco, as a valuable IT partner. “Agile” development processes have been applied with our diligence in implementing many global projects, regardless of their size and complexity. The result: high quality projects, on time completion, and fulfillment of progress and budget objectives of clients.

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