Community Contribution

DTT’s Community Contribution

With the humble knowledge accumulated over 10 years of operation, DTT always looks forward to contributing to the community in particular and the society in general through specific actions. So far we have contributed through 02 activities, that are supporting the study of Vietnam Literacy (Van Hien) through open information systems and developing future generations through the program of skill development in the 21st century (21st century learning) and Computational thinking.

The open information system on Vietnam Literacy: With the aid of computers and the Internet, DTT cooperated with many cultural centers in Vietnam to collect, maintain and arrange the research data on Vietnam Literacy. DTT also supports related workshops such as workshops on Vietnamese ancient characters and The Ancient History of Vietnam.

Promote the Program of 21st century learning for primary pupils: The model of combining theory with practice such as solving a real-world problem can help students understand and apply effectively the science and technology knowledge base and other soft skills, creating a positive, dynamic, creative and responsible learning environment.

Develop VietOpenStack Community: DTT is a founding member of VietOpenStack (the OpenStack community in Vietnam). Since its embarkation on the study and development of this fashionable technology, DTT has been very active in promoting OpenStack in Vietnam. The participation in and contribution to the OpenStack revolution is of great importance to DTT, because it gives the company a chance to, on the one hand, join the global technology playground, contributing to the development of the newly-born VietOpenStack in return, and, on the other hand, stay updated with the world’s technological development trend, thus maintaining its technology edge.

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