Business Activities

DTT’s Business Activities

ISAW: ISAW (IT/Business Strategic Alignment Workshop) expresses DTT’s efforts to combine IT sector with real business activities of organizations in Vietnam. I-SAW is the free workshop held quarterly by DTT with the presence of leading experts in the world, who not only comprehend or write down theory but also apply directly the strategic management models aligning with IT strategies based on the most advanced and effective technologies. I-SAW is a discussion and seminar on completive strategies, knowledge based enterprise development strategies, business architecture, enterprise architecture, enterprise’s competency development master plan, alignment of business and IT, prioritization of strategic targets and successful factors, designing IT architecture serving for objectives set by organization’s leaders, designing organizational resources and competence development model, designing IT system architecture aligning with business objectives and making full use of the latest technology. Series of ISAW have attracted many distinguished guests from major organizations in Vietnam and received high appreciation from participants thanks to its usefulness.

EA Corner: An online sub-magazine dedicated to Enterprise Architecture (EA), one of strong areas of DTT with much experience, knowledge as well as many experts in this field. Articles posted on the magazine aim at solving specific issues for the organizations and enterprises through the EA approach. In the coming time, the sub-magazine will be expanded to add more sections such as IT Governance.

Free consulting activities: In the spirit of giving priority to the mutual interests, the senior consultants of DTT are willing to provide strategic consulting services and IT enterprise architecture free of charge to clients, partners who wish to enhance their organizations’ capabilities. Our experts have done so since 1990 and DTT is proud to continue this traditional custom.

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