Digital School

It is a benchmark in education system developed to create a new and exciting learning environment for students. The digital school transforms the way students are taught. With the combination of computer technology and multimedia in education, the digital school promotes interactive teaching and learning processes. In the classroom, teachers employ interactive multimedia equipment in their teaching activities. This helps create a fun learning environment. With the help of technology, students also learn faster and better. The interaction is more vibrant and has accurate diagnosis of students’ progress.

DTT-Eduspec believes that ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is the key to shaping the development of education successfully. As early as the mid-1980s, we’ve embarked on a major project themed “ICT In Education” in a number of Chinese primary schools in Malaysia. The goal was to enable these schools to progress in tandem with the fast changing technology. From its humble beginning, we has helped schools in computerized school manager systems and integrate computer-assisted teaching and learning processes.  In a span of 20 years, we have successfully provided total ICT-in-Education solutions for over 200 schools in Malaysia. The project has benefited thousands of students.

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