DTT OpenEgovPlatform


I. Introduction to Open eGovPlatform

Open eGovPlatform – OEP- is an integrated software platform for building e-government applications following Enterprise Architecture approach. OEP is a set of standardized processes, data models and cloud-enabled software technologies that have been integrated to support the development, deployment, activation and operation of eGov applications in government agencies.

These applications include online public eServices, business operation system, MIS, big data in the public sectors in the fields of citizen management, healthcare, construction, transportation, socio-culture and city management. OEP integrates proven leading open-source technologies such as:

·         Liferay: ePortal Management (Portal).

·         Alfresco: Web and file content Management

·         Pentaho: Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Analysis, Data Mining.

·         ApacheServiceMix: Enterprise service bus – ESB

·         Jboss: Application Server.

·         uEngine: Business Process Management.

·         PostGIS: Spatial information Administration.

·         GeoServer: Server Providing Space Database Services.

·         OpenLDAP: User directory Management

·         CAS: User Authentication and Single sign on Management.

This integrated platform is originally developed by DTT since 2010 and used in Danang, Hanoi, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice… In 2014 DTT together with Hanel, Netnam, EcoIT, DNICT, UniTech …. Established OEP Open source community and the first version of OEP is available under Apache license 2.0.

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