Introduction about Vietnam OpenStack Community’s activities

1. OpenStack

Cloud computing is proving to be a new irresistible trend that having great impacts on the world’s IT industry. Founded by NASA and Rackspace, OpenStack  ( is a very popular open source platform in the world, especially in US. According to experts, this is a very promising platform and is one of the world-leading Cloud Computing Platform. OpenStack community has been growing big day by day and presenting throughout the world, including Vietnam. OpenStack community has attracted the presence of many world leading IT companies such as HP, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Redhat, Ubuntu…

2. Establishment Background

Coming back from the OpenStack Summit, which was held by the World OpenStack Community on last october in San Diego, California, a group of DTT experts were really impressed by a well-organized and high potential community. Recognizing the importance of OpenStack, an open source platform of the near future, the managing director of DTT technology group has spoken with the chairman of VFOSSA (Vietnam Free and Open Source Association) and both agreed on building an OpenStack community for Vietnam. Afterward, the first seminar on OpenStack has been conducted on 23/10/2012 at Marcel Dasault, Francophone Institute for Informatics (IFI-VNU). From this seminar, there is clearly a need for a common playground for developers, researchers… to receive updates on OpenStack related news and activities and together with the world OpenStack community to build a better OpenStack platform. This is the main reason for the establishment of Vietnam OpenStack Community.

3. Vietnam OpenStack Community’s recent activities

Started by DTT Technology Group and hosted by VFOSSA, the seminar on sharing experiences on Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and OpenStack was held on 9th Octber 2012 at Francophone Institute for Informatics (IFI-VNU). This seminar has attracted many university students on IT and ICT companies. Especially, the seminar has warmly welcomed Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuyen, Deputy Director of DoIT, Ministry of Information and Communications. At the seminar, Mr. Marc Cohn, Chairman of Market Education Group, Open Networking Foundation – ONF had a presentation on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and ONF organization. The next was the presentation of Mr. Nguyen The Trung, CEO of DTT Technology Group. Mr. Trung started his talk by an introduction about OpenStack and then shared his experiences on attending OpenStack Summit. The presentations attracted a certain amount of people interested. The fire of enthusiasm has started flickering in the Vietnamese community, which could facilitate the subsequent activities of Vietnam OpenStack Community.

With great hospitalities of Hanoi University of Industry, under the cooperation between VFOSSA and DTT Technology Group, Vietnam OpenStack Community’s first meetup was successfully held on November 29th, 2012. There was nearly 100 people attended this event. As the result of our first meetup, more than 30 people have volunteered to join the Start-up team, consisting of representatives of VFOSSA, ICT enterprises, and students. The first meetup has officially marked the establishment of Vietnam OpenStack Community. This event has been published on the World OpenStack’s official website at After the official establishment, Vietnam OpenStack Community has received many congratulations and supports from OpenStack communities over the world. Another good news is that many Vietnam IT enterprises has also participated the community, namely: Netnam, Iway, Viami, VidaGIS…

4. Vietnam OpenStack Community’s upcoming activities

Regarding the community’s activities, DTT is now volunteering to coordinate the translation of OpenStack’s documents. Mr. Thai Ba Dong ( is the coordinator of the translation team. According to the translation plan, the OpentStack Manuals in Vietnamese version should be completed at the end of January, 2013. This will be one of the big news for the open source software community in Vietnam.

The next activity of VN OpenStack Community is to structuring the start-up team by dividing into smaller sub-teams/groups, which specialized in functions. At present, the translation team has started. The next sub-teams expected to be developed are Executive and Technical teams. It is hoped that the community’s activities will be more formal and well-organized after completing the establishment.

The next meetup is expected to be held in Da Nang city next month. The meetup details on date and venue will be widely informed to all Vietnam community members and to those interested in OpenStack via mailing list and facebook page of Vietnam OpenStack Community.

5. DTT’s orientation about OpenStack technology

DTT defines that OpenStack has potential to be applied in practice. However, OpenStack presently needs to be considered as a valuable knowledge resource that consists of reference architectures and open technology deployment method for cloud computing. DTT has formed a research and support team for OpenStack with the aim at having enough capacity to control OpenStack’s technology, getting ready with OpenStack communities to successfully implement particular applications for Vietnam market in the near future.

6. Contact

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