DTT’s Culture

DTT’s Culture

In terms of corporate culture, DTT, on the one hand, exerts great efforts to promote the staff’s working ethics towards professionalism, on the other hand, develops DTT identity through improving the internal culture and enhancing strategic alignment in interactions with the IT ecosystem.

As for promoting professionalism, DTT has always nurtured and supported the spirit of cooperativeness, trustfulness and openness across the whole company. The professional working culture of DTT is built upon the following principles:

  • Team-work: A cooperative and efficient team is essential to success. Therefore, the company has always encouraged team work, taking achievement of the whole team as that of each individual member. Each and everyone’s contribution and cooperation make the company strong and viable.
  • Information exchange: DTT members (DDTers) are encouraged to share views with, search information from, provide data to and escalate problems to the direct seniors. When necessary, any employer is allowed to consult any member of the Board of Directors for advice and/or final solutions. The direct seniors always listen to the subordinates, give credit to any efforts made by and provide solutions to any problems encountered by the subordinates. The Board of Directors do not accept any rumours, false information or distorted communication which cause cracked unity, reduced working spirit, enviousness or uncooperativeness.
  • Respected employers’ values: The company pays utmost respect to human dignity, taking human resources as the most precious resource. Therefore, the company has always created favourable conditions for DDTers to bring into full play their potentials and creativeness. DTTers are given incentives to further study and trusted with increasingly important jobs to match with their capability and experience.
  • Responsibility: The success of the company is dependent on whether or not the rational rights and benefits of both the customers and employers are maximized. And this requires wholehearted cooperation of each and every member of the company. DTTers are expected to honour the commitments, exert efforts to complete all assignments in the most efficient, high quality manner, and comply with all corporate rules, regulations, norms and standards.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is reflected in the delivery of continuously improved quality products and services to customers, meeting all commitments made and maintaining thoughtful and well-mannered communications with customers on the basis of mutual respect and consideration. In addition, professionalism is demonstrated by strict compliance with management principles to secure highest performance. Professionalism requires efficiently constrained personal emotions for better listening and exchanging to overcome problems and difficulties for the sake of the common goals of the company.
  • Voluntarism in community activities: The Board of Directors and the whole DTT voluntarily take part in various charity and social activities for community development on the basis of respecting laws and regulations.

Together with professionalism, DTT corporate culture is built upon 3 important pillars, namely Internal Culture, Specialized Collaboration and Community Contributions. These three pillars are interconnected and continuously exercised in the company’s daily operation.